Indonesia / Climbing Rinjani: Day Three

Our final day on the mountain

Day Three – We woke early, to views of Gunung Barujari from our tent. After breakfast (and planting a tree) we headed for the crater rim, stopping by the lake to stare in disbelief at just how far we’d come from the summit.rinjanithree1rinjanithree2rinjanithree3rinjanithree4rinjanithree5A beautiful morning as we began our climb to the crater rim.rinjanithree6rinjanithree7rinjanithree8So much respect for these guys, who carry equipment and supplies up the mountain, down steep tracks, set up camp every night and walk over 35km, some barefoot, some more than once a week. They leave their families for days on end, and this is their job, every week of the year. rinjanithree9rinjanithree10rinjanithree11rinjanithree12This was our final view of the crater before we headed down the mountain to Sembalun. rinjanithree13rinjanithree14rinjanithree15rinjanithree16rinjanithree17rinjanithree18rinjanithree19After two hours of downhill, and an unexpected storm – aka tracks-turned-waterfalls – we made it back to base, soaked and happy.

All I can say is, the hike was damn hard but really worth it!

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