Australia / Nitmiluk Sun

Sunsets are a kind of meditation. For a moment, we’re still and present.

I’m a night owl, so for me sunsets represent beginnings. One sunset, in particular, stands out, Nitmiluk National Park in Australia’s Top End.

We’d spent the day exploring Katherine Gorge (more about that here), and we climbed to the lookout for sunset, just in time to watch the light dance across the river. Standing on top of the gorge I felt like I was meeting Australia for the first time. I knew I was going to miss it. I’ve always craved faraway places and different cultures, but our trip to this part of Australia really helped me to appreciate all that there is to explore, a little closer to home. JNB_3076-NitmilukJNB_3078-NitmilukJNB_3081-NitmilukJNB_3086-NitmilukJNB_3092-NitmilukJNB_3099_NitmilukJNB_3113-NitmilukJNB_3100-NitmilukJNB_3115-NitmilukJNB_3122-NitmilukJNB_3118-NitmilukJNB_3145-NitmilukJNB_3150-Nitmiluk

Never go too long without watching a sunset. – Atticus